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What everyone ought to know about timber frame

27th January 2012

 A Timber frame Cart Lodge or Cart Shed is a very effective way to get a fine looking Barn built as fast as possible.

It is a proven building system with frame structures from the 1700's still standing and in day to day use and because they're so economical, they are perfect for all budgets   


So mixing leading edge technology with the old methods guarantees you get a dependable robust building and a range of excellent benefits.

One of the major advantages is they are so easy and handy to build, with a lot less time spent on site, than conventional brick construction.

A large amount of the frame and panels are pre-manufactured, so there's also a large amount of flexibility with the design, permitting you to create a custom-made plan to suit your home and garden space

The substantial frames and cladding also ensure the garage space acclimatizes to the changing weather, providing a circulation of air to keep the Cart Barn and its contents cool and dry

 If you want a bigger span then it is possible to incorporate steel joints for added strength, whilst utilizing the more custom mortise and tenon joints for a conventional look  

 In most case the groundwork's are relatively straightforward as Cart lodges do not need deep foundations and can regularly sit on a simple concrete pad. This helps the install groups as they won't be on site for long, as a typical frame can be erected in a day and made ready for fitting and cladding.

Timber frame barns are also environmentally friendly with tremendous savings on Carbon-dioxide emissions with all our timber sourced from a PEFC replaceable certificated source

So if you are looking for a garage, Cart Lodge or storage barns, timber frame is one of the finest options as it will save you cash and give you an improved finish, with a lot of different building options and designs.

You can check out Henley's website where they showcase a variety of 1,2 & 3 Bay Cart Lodge designs and free information


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