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In the Press

Henley stars in primetime TV show

A Henley HomeSpace stars in the top rated TV programme Colin & Justins How not to Decorate.

As a final surprise for the whole family, the previously ignored garden is now a lush design statement with decking, a koi pond and a whole extra room, by Henley Garden Buildings

"If you had to think of a phrase to sum up the entire How Not To Decorate experience, what would it be?" asks Colin of the family.

"Amazing", replies Angie.

Oh, come on, you can do better than that!

Thankfully, a rather more articulate Nigel steps up to the challenge. "I think one of your phrases sums it up", he tells the boys. "'We don't change rooms, we change lives'".

OK, so they're borrowed words, but they're words nonetheless.

Why not click here and look over one of our brochures to see what Colin & Justin mean.

Graham Norwood of The Independent

JEREMY HARRIS OF CHISWICK WRITES: My accountancy firm is rationalising and I want to take this opportunity to fulfil a life-long ambition - to quit the corporate treadmill and work for myself. One of the obvious benefits of this will be working from home and spending more time with my family, but there is a downside: I have three young children and I want to avoid the distraction and noise that would be inevitable if I worked in the house. I am aware of home offices that can be built in the garden. How much should I expect to spend on one, what are the planning issues, and are they simply garden sheds with a fancy name or are they genuinely good working environments?

The advice

GRAHAM NORWOOD REPLIES: I can testify that working from home is a satisfying, social and financially beneficial exercise if you thoroughly prepare for it - that means ensuring you have adequate space and quiet, and the right attitude.

There are several manufacturers of garden offices, most using similar pre-fabricated wooden manufacturing and construction techniques, but you must ensure your choice is insulated and not simply a glorified summer-house. Reliable suppliers include Henley Offices (0870 240 7490).

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