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Garden office planning permission

Garden office planning permission

Garden office planning with Henley couldn’t be easier.

It’s a free service for all our customers, working closely with your local planning authority on all the drawings, specification sheets, design & access statements, to ensure you get the proper planning permission for your garden office, room or studio.

All you pay is the £150 planning submission fee, which is set by government.
Our success rate is nearly 100%...and if we fail to secure your garden office planning permission, you are guaranteed of a deposit refund.

So no financial risk whatsoever.

Most homes in the UK are allowed to build a Henley, without any planning permission, as they are within what is known as your Permitted Development Rights. These rights also cover a range of incidental uses, such as a gym or personal study.
In the UK nearly all the garden offices we install are built to avoid planning permission, as we ensure they;

  • are single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of four metres if the roof is dual pitched
  • have a maximum overall height of 2.5 metres if you want us to build within two metres of your garden boundary.

However from experience the following key questions serve as a guide as to whether we may have to help you with permission:

  • Do you live in a conservation area or is your home a listed building, flat or apartment?
  • Do all your outbuildings take up more than 50% of your garden space?
  • Is your Henley going to be a granny annex with regular sleeping areas?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we recommend you call us on 0870 240 7490 for more help and guidance.

You may also have come across building regulations which covers the structural design and materials we use in a Henley.
This is a bit different to garden office planning permission which is more concerned with position, appearance and size of your building  

In short if your Henley has less than 30sq metres of internal floor space and is more than a metre from your garden boundary, then we do not need to meet building regulations. However If your Henley has some sleeping accommodation, then we will have to consider building regulations, regardless of its size.
In any event we can always help you as we have a FREE garden office planning and advice service that deals with these all these issues for Henley customers.

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