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Concrete Bases

Concrete Bases

The Henley Compact Office range is especially designed for simplicity.

Therefore, we supply every Compact Office with it's own footings – that’s the black band around the base of the building.

In short, the location of a Henley needs to be sound and on a welldrained, non-marshysite. Because they are sturdily built, even our smaller Compact 6 models weigh in at . 1.2 tonnes, so the office may subside if the site it rests on is not solid. Even a little subsidence can cause doors to jam and windows to stick, so it is something to avoid at all costs.

If you would like more guidance on a base, click here here for some more information.

Similarly, the location should be level - to within 3 inches across the site. It does not need to be perfect - as our fitters can level the base with a few quarter metre slabs.

Our experience shows this sort of work can be easily carried out by a good gardener and is more about effort then technicial skills. We are of course always available to talk it through with you. Please call us 0870 240 7490.

For the larger Midi &other larger designs of more than 9sq m,m, we would always reccomend a concrete slab to a depth of 5-6 inches.

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